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Online Training

Compliance training isn’t going away. But it doesn’t have to be an uphill battle.

Hospo’s online training platform has all the answers. Your membership includes unlimited access to lessons (for all your staff) from each of the following topics in English, Korean, Mandarin and Hindi -


Safe Service of Alcohol

Safe Service of Alcohol

The essential tools needed to ensure your team are serving and supplying alcohol within the law and minimising risk to your business. Brilliant for inductions, awesome for maintaining the integrity of your liquor licence and keeps your backside covered.

Food Safety & Food Control Plan

Food Safety & Food Control Plan

We’ve been delivering food safety training since our ancestors were carving up dinosaurs for the BBQ. Local health inspectors will check to see your team has been trained in food hygiene and use of a Food Control Plan, making this module absolutely essential.

Health & Safety In The Workplace

Health & Safety In The Workplace

Under new health and safety laws, you have a responsibility to make sure your staff are trained in health & safety harm minimisation in your workplace. The outcome of an investigation can be turned around by having trained staff and a H&S plan in place.

Fire Warden and Evacuation

Fire Warden and Evacuation

Licensed premises are required by law to have staff trained in expeditious and effecient evacuation. This easy-to-understand module equips your team with knowledge of what’s required in an emergency to keep your patrons and property safe.

Template Toolbox

Our Toolbox of Templates takes the headache out of paperwork.

All the documents you need, accessible from anywhere - health & safety plans, job contracts and more. Save time, money and maintain your legal obligations. A quick click to download and you're free to get back to work.

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