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The idea for the Hospo platform was conceived out of my own experience working in New Zealand's bustling hospitality industry, and owning hospitality Businesses. This industry gives people the opportunities to learn new skills, work with like-minded people, have fun, and express creativity - all while making an honest Living. Yet there are massive challenges facing this industry, too. Being a part of it all has provided the realisation of the huge amount of hard work it takes to make these businesses financially viable, alongside the massive demands to make sure everything we do is legally compliant. As director of The Learning Place - an NZQA training provider that developed the Online LCQ, I'm proud of the team working to help make this industry more accessible for everyone. We are supported by a group of hospitality professionals who have cooked, served, trained and love the hospitality world. We have talked extensively with people in the industry to develop a solutions-based package that provides the core essentials to operating your business successfully. I look forward to having you on board with the platform, and would love to hear your success stories, feedback and suggestions.

Piet Van De Klundert


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